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    Suzhou Puyi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiansu Province, and specializes in the manufacture and sale of industrial environmental protection cleaning equipment.It is a technology-based enterprise specialized in providing industrial environmental

    protection and clean overall solutions, manufacturing, sales and installation services.

          We have always insisted on going deep into the customer's site to understand the changing operating conditions and requirements of our customers and listen carefully to the feedback from our customers. FromDust removal equipment, sweepers, commercial vacuum cleaners, pressure washers and scrubbers are all sold to provide customers with more efficient,The more durable and safer industrial cleaning sys-tem is the mission and value of all employees of Puyi Environmental Protection Technology.

           Puyi Environmental Protection has always been the vision of “becoming the leader in industrial environmental protection dust cleaning and overall solutions” and is committed to creating “brands and sales.Sales, engineering, and service are all modern environmental protection companies with advanced product equipment, advanced management ideas, and advanced competitiveness.

    n 核心價值觀  Core Value of Puyi

          誠信至普   創新第一  Integrity to the general   |  Innovation first

    n 企業愿景  Corporate Vision of Puyi


               Become a leader in industrial environmental protection dust cleaning

               integrated solutions

    n 企業精神 Entrepreneurial Spirit


                   Customer-centric  |   Struggler-oriented

    n 經營理念 Business Philosophy


                 Customers and suppliers are our permanent partners

    n 企業信條  Corporate Creed

             人才是第一資源    Talent is the first resource

                直抒胸臆,張揚個性  Straight to the chest and personality 

                越努力,越幸運  The harder, the more fortunate

              無功便是過,創造才是能 No credit is to blame,creativity is the ability

               寬容失誤,不許重錯   Tolerence mistake,disallow error again